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We are forced to inform you that after five years of productive and collective work, the Place of Radical Utterance of POROKH ceases to exist as a platform, but it will remain burning in the hearts of creators, colleagues and guests.

We hope that we were able to create a small theatrical outlet in the industrial district of St. Petersburg and most of our beloved guests and spectators were not left indifferent after visiting POROKH. We are sure that a particle of this substance will flare up in another place and will also please everyone: participants and guests. Wherever we are, we remain the AKHE theater and we will continue!

For five years, the walls of POROKH have created:
the industrial trilogy Artistocracy (“Democracy“, “Dictatorship“, “Utopia“), the broken tragedy “Poor, Poor Hamlet“, several episodes of the momentary cabaret “Gloria Transit“, one-act ballets “Shafts and Axes“, the intellectual trip “Schrodinger’s Mouse”, the isosceles den “PRA Rabelais” and the cinematic drama “Faust 3.0“, the street incarnation of which will take place on July 30 and 31 on Elagin Island. Also, AKHE root performances were regularly played on the site and the POROKH Laboratory was successfully held, with weekly screenings and participants from all over the country.

Thanks to everyone who participated, worked, helped and collaborated with POROKH. Thanks to the Laminated Plastics Plant for a five-year collaboration and a wonderful project, which, unfortunately, is impossible in the current conditions.