Premiere: March 22-23, 2019
Genre: Isosceles crib
Duration: 90 min.
Production: Engineering Theatre AKHE
Actors: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Nik Khamov, Gala Samoilova, Alexander Koshkidko, Anna Budanova, Emmanuel Ovsyannikov, Igor Ustinovich, Anatoly Gushchin, Alice Panchenko
Music: Denis Antonov
Light: Ilya Pashnin
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov, Maria Tavapova

About the performance:
On the marginals of the «gargantua and pantagruel» universe
the isosceles crib of PRA RABELAIS reveals itself to the city and the world.
in the anemic swamp of classicism, an unprecedented blooms rose,
mimosa, daisy, forget-me-not, lily, line, point, point, cucumber
Premiere of AKHE Theatre.
the engineering mixing of the theory of archaic forms theatre in
the practice of laughter culture of the Middle Ages gives rise
indelible cocktail of curiosity and joy.
To your health!

The performance «PRA RABELAIS» is the winner of competition «New Theatre» of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.