Premiere: February 26, 2020
Genre: Broken tragedy
Duration: 90 minutes

Production: Engineering Theater AKHE 
On stage: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semtchenko, Nick Khamov, Alexey Nikonov, Gala Samoilova, Vladimir Varnava, Alexander Koshkidko, Igor Ustinovich, Melanya Rozanova, Maya Natarius
Text: Lekha Nikonov
Music: Denis Antonov
Lighting Designer: Yuri Galkin
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov, Maria Tavapova

About the performance:
AKHE Theater once again blows dust out from the canonical text,
with passion reads by the diagonal and hypotenuse of the “hamlet”,
Engineering embeds own version of events and non-existence in the construction of the play,
finds new overtones in a sawn to holes monologue,
carelessly dancing on the bones of the great bard,
and the last punk romantic Alexei Nikonov,
turning his eyes inward and seeing who is twisting whom, screams about it from the stage