Gloria Transit


Idea: 2008
The program for each evening is never repeated again. Every show is a premiere.
Genre: Momentary cabaret Gloria transit presentation of objects and phenomena with music
Duration: 180 minutes

Actors: Theater AKHE and guests

About a performance:
So what is Gloria Transit?
This is an evening of theatrical improvisations in two departments. Action in form is closest to the cabaret. These are discrete scenes, United by a common theme (for each evening), bright characters, communication with the audience and music. We call this cabaret momentary.

Why momentary?
This is the principle by which the evenings are built. We have a premiere every day! The theme of the evening is dedicated to the holiday that happens on this day. The holiday can be very unusual, such as international Thank you day, or a day of Sleep. The program is created on the day of the performance and is never repeated. The show only happens once. Such a short-term requires maximum expressiveness and accuracy.