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• the performance “Group-group”, Peter and Paul Fortress beach. Participants: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Vadim Vasil’ev, Yana Tumina, Ksenia Rappoport, Andrey Moguchy, Sergey Gogun, Vyacheslav Vakhrushev, Natalia Fedchenko, Galina Vikulina, Elena Venzel, etc., 1989
• «Children of Fish — a pressure chamber», «Pictures for Helicopter pilots», “Winter-Japan” “Babylon”, «Wings of the Hero», «H.U…», «AudioThings», «Double Jura», «Russian Nepodvizhniki», etc. – a series of performances of 1989-2009 St-Petersburg, Pushkinskaya 10, the Arena, streets and roofs of Spb.
• «Gray Zone» – the project with theatre “DEREVO” Hellerau project, Dresden, Germany, 1996
• «AKHE PLATTFORM» – a series of performances, St-Petersburg-Drezden, 1997
• “DE PROFUNDIS” a series of performances, Pushkinskaya 10, St-Petersburg, 1998-2000
• “Shambala” — a video-installation for A. Moguchy ‘s performance by A.Sokolov’s play, 1999
• “60 minutes” performance – the project for cultural capital of Europe 2000, the museum”Kiasma”, Helsinki
• “Tawny” series of prformances at the Prague quadrienalle the Exhibition of Theatre design, 2003
• «PLUG&PLAY» painting and technotrashdance musik postintellectual cabaret performance 2005-2021
• project “720 moons» of Slava Polunin, France, July 2010 idea and play, installations
“Rewind Forward” – landscape play, co-production with the Nationa Theatre, Aberdeen, Scotland
“KOLESOKHOD” Mikhailovsky Garden / Russian Museum – as part of the “Symphony of Labor” St. Petersburg
“RADI SVETA” performance-workshop based on Dante The Divine Comedy. Baikal. Olkhon island 2021
“Wedding, River of Peace” performance-concert-installation, laboratory, 2020-21 Suzdal-Fomikha.
“PROTOFAUST” Installation, performance, AKHE theater, Museum of Music, Sheremetyevsky Palace, St. Petersburg 2021-2022
“On the vanity of all things” series live painting performance Dresden/Gerlitz 2022


• «Pookh-&-Prakh», «White Cabin», “Plug-and-Play” – together with Yana Tumina, Leningrad-Petersburg-Europe-Asia (plural displays in international theatre festivals 1990-2019) Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Yugoslavia, Israel, Iran, Corea, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czech, Hungary, UK, Ireland.• “CHEKHOV TWELVE GULL” – a series of performances ,«Gallery 21» St-Petersburg, Pushkinskaya 10, 1991-1992
• «Theatre the Green Goose” – the direction of the performance for theatre Toihous, Austria,2001
• «History of One Mother» – the direction of the performance for theatre Toihous, Salzburg (Austria), 2003
• Participation in the Theatrical Olympic Games with performances «Wet Wedding» and «White Cabin», 2001
• “Ballet” in Szeged, the project for the festival Maszk, Hungary,1999
• Participation at The International Theatre Edinburgh Festival, “Fringe First” for the performance «White Cabin», 2001
• Award for the performances «White Cabin» and «Mr. Carmen» at the festival in Perigueux (France), 2003
• Award at the festival in Nice (France), 2004
• “SINE LOCO” – the joint project with German actors for the festival ARENA, 2001 Jury Award in Germany and the award «Golden Mask» in a nomination “Innovation”, 2004
• “Faust. Signature” the joint direction with theatre «Linia dе Sombra» and “Kompnagel”, Hamburg (Germany), Mexico City-city (Mexico), Moscow 2006
• «Polyphony of the world», Kama Ginkas’s direction with A.Bakshi’s music, 2005
• «Mr. Carmen», the joint project with International Theatre Festival Noshatel (Switzerland), 2006
• «The catalog of the Hero», «Gobo. Digital glossary» the joint project with «KOMPNAGEL», Hambug (Germany), 2007-2008
• «[ ] a place of words», audiovisual performance with Vladimir Volkov, St-Petersburg-Moscow, 2006-2012
• «Solesombra” spectacle, light and costumes for the Satire Theatre on Vasilevsky, St-Petersburg, 2007
• The organization of actor’s club “Entresol” together with Theatre on Vasilevsky, 2007
• “Wheel of Power” the joint project with theatre «DEREVO», Mannheim (Germany), 2007
• «Maria de Buenos Aires» (A.Piazzolla), the joint project with theatre «Di Capua» St-Petersburg, a nomination at the festival «Golden Mask», 2008
• “WindRose” the joint project with theatre «DEREVO», Dresden, 2008
• «GLORIA TRANZIT» inner cabaret with music occurrences and objects, endless serial of performances Petersburg, Moskow, Shcechin, 2008-2019 ideas and play
• «ORPHEY» set design, coproduction with «Clipa Theatre» Tel Aviv 2008
• «Imitation of drama machine» solo performance, St-Petersburg, 2008-2020
• «Perpetual Curve» the joint project with Maxim Didenko, St-Petersburg, 2008 ideas and play
• «MEDEA» punk-opera, set design, coproduction with Di Capua Theatre 2008-2009, S.Petersburg
• “Labyrinth” the project for the festival «Open Cinema» on a beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress, St-Petersburg, 2008
• «White Fortress» the joint project with theatre «DEREVO», Dresden, 2009
• «NATURA MORTE» the joint project with theatre «DEREVO» for «ARCHES» Glasgow (Scotland), November 2009 idea and play
• «RED Wedding» idea and play, opening performance for «GOGOL Fest» Ukraine, Kiev 2011
• «ALEATORY P.J.» idea and play, Petersburg, Dresden, 2011-2014
• «Dance Tower» coproduction with Sahsa Pepeljaev dance group and AURINKO ballet Turku, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia 2010-2011
• «Abduction of Europe» idea and play, puppet performance in swimming pool,coproduction with Turku Theatre academy 2011
• «Dynasty» foundation, opening performance and ceremony of celebration best science and science art museum’s of the year 2007-2015 idea and play
• «Depot of ingenious delusions» – idea and play, the project of AKHE theatre, St-Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin 2011-2012
• «Blinde Owl»idea and play, S.Petersburg 2012
• «GAP filling» idea and play, coproduction with KOMPNAGEL-Hamburg, GER, CANA Theatre Szhechin, Poland, Museon park, Moscow 2010-2012
• «Midwhite» set design, codirector, actor, coproduction with Anton Adasinski DEREVO, Dresden, Berlin, Poznan 2013
• «FABULOMAQUIA» spectacle, codirector, actor, coproduction with Big Puppet Theatre, St.Petersburg 2013-14
• «Choice. The Best Minute. Dostoevskiiy» director, actor, opening multimedia dance performance, Alexandrisky Theatre New Stage, St. Petersburg 2013
• «monoCHROM-polyCHROOM» idea and play, live painting-music performance Potsdam, Szcescin, Petersburg, Moscow, 2012-2014
• «Bardo Todol (Between Two)» idea and play, series of 7 spectacles Big Drama Tovstonogov’s Theatre 2014
• “Foam of Days” B. Vian – street performance for Dostoevsky Day in St. Petersburg, and the Voronezh Theater Festival
• “IN THE FRAME” director, artist, actor – performance based on Gogol’s story “Portrait” together with V. Volkov and V. Varnava
• trilogy «DICTATORSHIP», «DEMOCRACY», «UTOPIA» 2017-2021
• “ProRABLE” based on the novel “Gargantua and Pantagruel” director, artist, actor – AKHE theater, POROCH venue 2018 SPb
• “Seat Down Tragedy” direction, art direction and costumes – theater “Kana” Poland, Szczecin 2019
• “Poor, poor Hamlet” based on Shakespeare’s play director, artist, actor – AKHE theater, POROCH venue 2019 St. Petersburg
• “White Cabin”, “Mr. Carmen”, “GOBO, Digital Glossary”, “Dust & Down”, “Wet Wedding”, “Hero’s Catalog” and much more are the constantly running performances of the AKHE theater at theater festivals around the world.


• The direction of an opera “Henry Blaubart” of Vladimir Rannev, the Planetarium, St.-Petersburg, April 2010
• «Blue beard», St-Petersburg, 2011
• «MEDEA» punk-opera, set design, coproduction with Di Capua Theatre 2008-2009, S.Petersburg
• «Makaria’s ARCHIVE» director and set design, coproduction with WesFlugel and Michael Vogel 2012-2013
• «Body’s Measure» director an set design for «Provincial Dancers» Tania Baganova, Ekaterinburg 2014
• «Poezd Mira (Trane of Peace)» performance-concert-installation, artistic director of the project, 2019 train Moscow-Vladimir
• “The Death of Norvegov” based on the novel “School for Fools” by A. Sokolov Arkhangelsk Youth Theater
• Josef Brodsky “Marble” + production and decoration “Osobnyak” theater St. Petersburg 2020
• “The Man from Kariot” production together with A. Stadnikov, artistic design, independent production company “Theater of Labor” 2022 Moscow


• «Lionka Panteleev. Musical» set design,Theatre Young Audience, St.Petersburg 2013
• «ZombieZombieZombie» musical, set design, Petersburg, Gorki Culture Palace coproduction with independent producers company 2015
• «Small Tragedy» stage, dress and light design for Omsk Ermolaeva’s Theatre 2014

performances of Maxim Didenko:
• “Flute-spine” Majakvski, Theater Lensoviet, Spb.
• KONARMIA MoskowArtTheatre, course of Brusnikin,
• «Kharms.Myr” – Gogol Center, Moscow
• “Overcoat Gogol. Ballet “- Skorokhod-platform, Spb.
• “Idiot” Dostoevsky- Theater of Nations, Moscow
• “I’m Here” L.Rubinshtein – Novosibirsk Theater “Dom”,
• “Little Tragedies” Pushkin, Omsk Theater named after Ermolaeva,
• “the Trial” by Kafka – theater company Profitart Czech Republic, Prague … 2013 -2016
• “Collider”, scenography and video content, musical and dance performance, “Forma” festival Moscow 2019
• “That’s all she” decoration and costumes – performance of the theater “Shelter of the Komedian” production by A. Sozonov 2020 St. Petersburg
• «Little Wedding” set design and costumes – Perm Opera and Ballet Theatre, production by A. Adasinsky, conductor T. Currentizs
• “Kolobok’s Diary” artistic design, production by Y.Tumina theater “Sketches in Space” on the stage of the Meyerhold Center Moscow 2019
• “Daphnis and Chloe” ballet decoration and costumes Mariinsky Theater 2019 choreographer V. Varnava
• “Farewell to the Old World” decoration and costumes Moscow Ballet Theater 2020 choreographer V. Varnava
• “About NATURE” Balle, Set desig, Moscow academic Stanislavsky Nimerovich-Danchenko theatre 2022


• «Biennial of a new drawing», Kaliningrad,1989, the diploma of «Drawing biennial», Ivanofrankovsk (Ukraine), 1990. The diploma of Art exhibitions in Germany, Holland, France, Poland, Osnabrück, Gütersloh, Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Paris, Slupsk, Szczecin, Krakow, 1994 -1996
• “The First row” – the Russian program in “Kiasma” (the theatre and the museum, an exhibition and performances), 2002
• “Syncretism. Rose and Infinity” exhibition painting, graphics, installation, performance. Solyanka Ground Gallery 2021 Moscow


• Shootings of films: «Products from gold», «Optical chronicles», «The Second Hands», «KARAMA», “Toys”, «Love will be soon», «4\4», «The Book of Tovit», «Cianti cha-cha-cha», «SIGNATURE» etc. 1989-2000
• Shootings of films «the Man looks at the woman, the woman looks at the man», «SI ES TA» (together with Natalie Alonso Casale); Spain, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, 1999-2000
• “Paris Vendre” film + performance, Shemyakin, Volkov, Varnava, 2018
• «SIGNATURE» directing film with Slava Polunin, Mikhail Shemjakine and Anton Adasinski 2011
• “The Girl Nina and the Piano Thieves” feature film, production designer, director R. Chaliapin, ROK studio 2022