Pavel Semchenko

Semchenko Pavel Olegovich (15/06/1967) changed many locations in his childhood. His school years were spent in Leningrad, Kirishi, Prague, Baku, in the village Kadui, Cherepovets District, Vologda region.

Pavel studied in Leningrad Intermediate Art School, finished the courses of The Mukhina Leningrad Higher Arts and Crafts College, The Serov Art School and The Russian Academy of Art. Also Pavel got a speciality of the mason and the decorator in a “well-known” Art Restoration Professional School №61 in Leningrad.

Pavel always was fond of reading of the Soviet magazines such as “The Science and Technics”, “The Young Technician”, “Technics of Youth”, “Model-designer”, “Technics Horizons”, visited lessons of plane modeling and karting in the of pioneers palaces and admired Perelman`s books. The innate impressionability and natural ability to keep in mind big figures would push the young man to all sort of adventures. In 1988 Pavel got to know Boris J.Ponizovsky, the brightest mystificator and the theatre theorist in the 70th – 80th. A couple of years Pavel O. Semchenko was an actor of the theater “YES-NO”, but nevertheles continued his painting practice. Than together with V.Vasiliev and M.Isaev he created a theatre group “AKHE” on the territory of the first art squat “Pushkinskaya 10”. At this moment Pavel is still a member of the ART CENTRE.

From this point all creative realizations has been connected with AKHE theatre. The spectrum of these realizations is wide: installations, sculptures, mural paintings on walls in public institutions, films, performances, exhibitions, illustrations and even dance. The activity of AKHE since 1996 has shifted towards theatre and Pavel O.Semchenko as a part of the group has visited practically all large festivals of the country in Russia and Europe, both in America and Asia.

Pavel is a member of next projects: – the performance “Group-group”, Peter and Paul Fortress beach. Participants: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Vadim Vasil’ev, Yana Tumina, Ksenia Rappoport, Andrey Moguchy, Sergey Gogun, Vyacheslav Vakhrushev, Natalia Fedchenko, Galina Vikulina, Elena Venzel, etc., 1989
– “Children of Fish — a pressure chamber”, “Pictures for Helicopter pilots”, “Winter-Japan” “Babylon”, “Wings of the Hero”, “H.U…”, “Audio of the Thing”, “Double Jura”, “Russian Nepodvizhniki”, etc. – a series of performances of 1989-2009 St-Petersburg, Pushkinskaya 10, the Arena, streets and roofs of Spb.
– “Biennial of a new drawing”, Kaliningrad,1989, the diploma of “Drawing biennial”, Ivanofrankovsk (Ukraine), 1990. The diploma of Art exhibitions in Germany, Holland, France, Poland, Osnabruck, Gutersloh, Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Paris, Slupsk, Szczecin, Krakow, 1994-1996
– Shootings of films: “Products from gold”, “Optical chronicles”, “The Second Hands”, “KARAMA”, “Toys”, “Love will be soon”, “4\4”, “The Book of Tovit”, “Cianti cha-cha-cha”, “SIGNATURE” etc. 1989-2000
– Performances: “Pookh-&-Prakh”, “White Cabin”, “Plug-and-Play” – performances for a scene together with Yana Tumina, Leningrad-Petersburg-Europe-Asia (plural displays in international theatre festivals 1990-2010) Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Yugoslavia, Israel, Iran, Corea, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czech, Hungary, UK, Ireland.
– “CHEKHOV TWELVE GULL” – a series of performances ,”Gallery 21″ St-Petersburg, Pushkinskaya 10, 1991-1992
– “Gray Zone” – the project with theatre “DEREVO” Hellerau project, Dresden, Germany, 1996
– “AKHE PLATTFORM” – a series of performances, St-Petersburg-Drezden, 1997
– “DE PROFUNDIS” a series of performances, Pushkinskaya 10, St-Petersburg, 1998-2000
– Shootings of films “the Man looks at the woman, the woman looks at the man”, “SI ES TA” (together with Natalie Alonso Casale); Spain, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, 1999-2000
– “Shambala” — a video-installation for A. Moguchy ‘s performance by A.Sokolov’s play, 1999
– “Theatre the Green Goose” – the direction of the performance for theatre Toihous, Austria, 2000
– “History of One Mother” – the direction of the performance for theatre Toihous, Salzburg (Austria), 2002
– “60 minutes” – the project for cultural capital of Europe 2000, the muse-um”Kiasma”, Helsinki
– “The First row” – the Russian program in “Kiasma” (the theatre and the museum, an exhibition and performances), 2002
– Participation in the Theatrical Olympic Games with performances “Wet Wedding” and “White Cabin”, 2001
– “Ballet” in Szeged, the project for the festival Maszk, Hungary, 2001
– Participation at The International Theatre Edinburgh Festival, “Fringe First” for the performance “White Cabin”, 2001
– Award for the performances “White Cabin” and “Mr. Carmen” at the festival in Perigueux (France), 2003
– Award at the festival in Nice (France), 2004
– “SINE LOCO” – the joint project with German actors for the festival ARENA, 2001 Jury Award in Germany and the award “Golden Mask” in a nomination “Innovation”, 2004
– “Tawny” at the Prague “quadrienalle”, the Exhibition of Theatre design, 2003
– “Faust. Signature” the joint direction with theatre “Linia dе Sombra” and “Kompnagel”, Hamburg (Germany), Mexico City-city (Mexico), Moscow 2006
– Participation at “Polyphony of the world”, Kama Ginkas’s direction with A.Bakshi’s music, 2005
– The performance “Mr. Carmen”, the joint project with International Theatre Festival Noshatel (Switzerland), 2003
– “PLUG&PLAY” painting and technotrashdance musik performance 2005-2013
– “The catalog of the Hero”, “Gobo. Digital glossary” the joint project with “KOMPNAGEL”, Hambug (Germany), 2007-2008
– “[ ] a place of words”, audiovisual performance together with V.Volkov, St-Petersburg-Moscow, 2006
– “Solesombra” spectacle, light and costumes for the Satire Theatre on Vasilevsky, St-Petersburg, 2007
– The organization of actor’s club “Entresol” together with Theatre on Vasilevsky, 2007
– “Wheel of Power” the joint project with theatre “DEREVO”, Mannheim (Germany), 2007
– “Maria de Buenos Aires” (A.Piazzolla), the joint project with theatre “Di Capua” St-Petersburg, a nomination at the festival “Golden Mask”, 2008
– “WindRose” the joint project with theatre “DEREVO”, Dresden, 2008
– “GLORIATRANZIT” inner cabaret with music occurrences and objects, endless serial of performances Petersburg, Moskow, Shcechin, 2008-2015 ideas and play
– “ORPHEY” set design, coproduction with “Clipa Theatre” Tel Aviv 2008
– “Imitation of dram machine” solo performance, St-Petersburg, 2008
– “Continuous curve” the joint project with Maxim Didenko, St-Petersburg, 2008 ideas and play
– “MEDEA” punk-opera, set design, coproduction with Di Capua Theatre 2008-2009, S.Petersburg
– “Labyrinth” the project for the festival “Open Cinema” on a beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress, St-Petersburg, 2008
– “White Fortress” the joint project with theatre “DEREVO”, Dresden, 2009
– “NATURA MORTE” the joint project with theatre “DEREVO” for “ARCHES” Glasgow (Scotland), November 2009 idea and play
– The direction of an opera “Henry Blaubart” of Vladimir Rannev, the Planetarium, St.-Petersburg, April 2010
– Participation in the project “720 moons” of Slava Polunin, France, July 2010 idea and play, installations
– The direction of the performance “Blue beard”, St-Petersburg, 2011
– “RED Wedding” idea and play, opening performance for “GOGOL Fest” Ukraine, Kiev 2011
– “ALEATORY P.J.” idea and play, Petersburg, Dresden, 2011-2014
– “Dance Tower” coproduction with Sasha Pepelyaev dance group and AURINKO ballet Turku, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia 2010-2011
– “Abduction of Europe” idea and play, puppet performance in swimming pool,coproduction with Turku Theatre academy 2011
– “Dynasty” foundation, opening performance and ceremony of celebration best science and science art museum’s of the year 2007-2015 idea and play
– “Depot of ingenious delusions” – idea and play, the project of AKHE theatre, St-Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin 2011-2012
– “SIGNATURE” directing film with Slava Polunin, Mikhail Shemjakine and Anton Adasinski 2011
– “Blinde Owl” idea and play, S.Petersburg 2012
– “GAP filling” idea and play, coproduction with KOMPNAGEL-Hamburg, GER, CANA Theatre Szhechin, Poland, Museon park, Moscow 2010-2012
– “Lionka Panteleev. Musical”set design,Theatre Young Audience, St.Petersburg 2013
– “Midwhite” set design, codirector, actor, coproduction with Anton Adasinski DEREVO, Dresden, Berlin, Poznan 2013
– “Makaria’s ARCHIVE” director and set design, coproduction with WesFlugel and Michael Vogel 2012-2013
– “FABULOMAQUIA” spectacle, codirector, actor, coproduction with Big Puppet Theatre, St.Petersburg 2013-14
– “Choice. The Best Minute” director, actor, opening multimedia dance performance, Alexandrisky Theatre New Stage, St. Petersburg 2013
– “Body’s Measure” director an set design for “Provincial Dancers” Tania Baganova, Ekaterinburg 2014
– “monoCHROM-polyCHROOM” idea and play, live painting-music performance Potsdam, Szcescin, Petersburg, Moscow, 2012-2014
– “Bardo Todol” idea and play, series of 5 spectacles Big Drama Tovstonogov’s Theatre 2014
– “Hors Army” set design, Moscow Academy Art Theatre 2014
– “ZombieZombieZombie” musical, set design, Petersburg, Gorki Culture Palace coproduction with independent producers company 2015
– “Small Tragedy” stage, dress and light design for Omsk Ermolaeva’s Theatre 2014
– “White Cabin”, “Mr. Carmen”, “GOBO, digital glossary”, “Down&Dust”, “Wet Wedding”, “Catalogue of the Hero” and more others constantly playing shows of AKHE theatre on world wide art international festivals non stop