Syncretism | Infinity and the Rose

16 ФЕВРАЛЯ – 8 МАРТА 2021                                                           IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION
GROUND Solyanka



This is an artistic study of the nature of syncretism, taking place in the format of an exhibition with elements of theater, performance, music and dance performances.
The project is curated by Pavel Semchenko’s vnuchek — director Maxim Didenko, and among the participants of the two-week festival are choreographer Vladimir Varnava, composer and double bassist Vladimir Volkov (“Auctioneer”, “Volkov Trio”), artist Anis Kronidova and a number of other stars of contemporary art, theater and counterculture.

Teaser (what exactly can’t be missed): sessions where Pavel Semchenko will draw one guest of the project every day, as well as two screenings of the play “Ribs to Ribs”, a joint production of Pavel Semchenko, Vladimir Volkov and Vladimir Barnabas.

Syncretism in philosophy is a combination of heterogeneous philosophical principles in one system without combining them.
Syncretism in art is a combination and fusion of “incomparable” ways of thinking and views.
Syncretism in linguistics is the constant unification in one form of several meanings or components of meaning, divided among themselves.

Syncretism according to Pavel Semchenko and Maxim Didenko is a way of searching for the complete and final loss of the meaning of the exhibition concept using all possible methods for this, from easel academism to modern actionism. This is the struggle of the “result” with the “process”. This is an attempt to create an extract of syncretism in the diversity of contemporary art. This is the intention to empirically answer the main question for the artist — what is art?

The exhibition space is being built as a polygon for finding this path. It lies through three types of halls where the living and the inanimate exchange meanings.

Halls about the Inanimate: expositions of already created works by Pavel Semchenko and Anis Kronidova. More than 140 works by Pavel and Anis will be shown in the halls of GROUND Solyanka.

Hall about the New: an exposition of finished paintings that visitors can correct, supplement or vandalize to their taste, while leaving at the exhibition.

Halls about the Living: spaces where artists create in real time. Pavel Semchenko, throughout the exhibition, paints the guests who come to him, placed in a glass “container of emptiness” suspended on chains. Anis Kronidova creates portraits of fish underwater all the days of the project, being inside a bath with an aquarium system and painting with oil on canvas. The entire exhibition space of GROUND Solyanka will be saturated with sound installations from Grigory Schmidko and students of the direction “Sound Art and Sound Design” of the HSE School of Design, the evening of each day will end with a dance performance “124 incorrect movements” from Vladimir Varnava. On February 25, two screenings of the play “Ribs to Ribs” will be held in a joint production by Pavel Semchenko, Vladimir Volkov and Vladimir Varnava.

Curator of the musical–performative program, sound engineer: Grigory Shmidko
Technical Director: Kirill Nosyrev
Video art: Oleg Mikhailov
Lighting designer: Alyona Osina
Objects: Artist Nick Khamov
Performative part: Anis Kronidova, Vladimir Varnava
Information support: Alexander Astakhov, Katerina Abramova

Voice acting of premises:
Anastasia Zyryanova
Ivan Tyazhin
Danila Botaev
Anastasia Bulavkina
Daniil Shimko
Nikita Mikheev
Tatiana Chan
Eva Reacher
Roman Zharov
Alexander Filatov

Audio installation “Aquarium”:
Grigory Shmidko
Anton Kuznetsov
Nikita Bugaev

Audio installation “Dancing Garbage”:
Leonid Kurashov

Installation “Cinema Hall”:
Maria Karpovich
Vasilisa Khmyzova