Premiere: 12-13 July 2019
Genre: Kinematic drama
Duration: 60 minutes

Production: AKHE Engineering theatre
On stage: Nik khamov, Maxim Isaev
Famulos: Alexander Chernetsky, Igor Ustinovich, Sergey Azeev, Alexander Koshkidko
Facilities: Nick Khamov
Music: Denis Antonov
Light: Alexander Golubev/ Dmitry Zheravov
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov, Maria Tavapova

About the performance:
“Faust” was the theme of a shadow theatre AKHE. Engineers have already turned to the medieval legend of a warlock who signed a contract with the devil: in the mid-2000s, the dilogy “Faust” was released. “2360 words” and “Signature“. In 2018, the repertoire of the site “GUNPOWDER” appeared kinematic drama “Faust 3.0“, in which the desire of the hero to comprehend everything in the world turned into a desire to construct the perfect machine. The literary basis was the “reincarnation” of the text written by Maxim Isaev for “Faust in Cuba ” based on the” people’s book ” by Johann Spies. “Powder” formulation developed, ideas were collected, there were new mechanisms. At last it became evident that in the chamber space these ideas and machinery were becoming cramped. So AKHE decided to create a street version.