Between Two

Premiere: 2014
Genre: Postmortal mural
Duration: performance of AKHE Theatre by Tibetan Book of Dead

Actors: Maksim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko,
Music: Denis Antonov
Sound: Denis Antonov
Video: Oleg Mikhailov, Kirill Malovichko, Konstantin Shchepanovsky
Light:  Alexander Kurganskiy
Organizational support: Vadim Gololobov, Maria Tavapova

About a performance:

Bardo Todol — Tibetan Book of Dead is the base for the performance.
But the show won’t be just illustration or paraphrase of the text, we expect it would be detailed and leisured contemplation about beauty of Life and majesty of Death.
And the spectacle doesn’t become а summarizing, but new knowledge about ourselves with mistakes, experiments and paradoxes.

We believe that spectacle — reflection about a death must be maximum alive itself.
We decide to prepare the performance in the multy–genre theatre construction.
Each day we could compile the new combination, which is most relevant for exact moment, day, practice and case.
For the Between Two at the moment we wish to put together performance, installation, «new drama», dance, singing, masks, mystery, rituals, singing, film projection, video-mapping…

For this complicated aim we decided to make N episodes each 10-20 minutes and each with scrupulous preparing and rehearsed.
We will invite audience for the final presentation of each episode, therefore the process becomes a meta-performance, each short presentation like mini premier.
Than this process will be continues and in ideal lasts until the death of actor.
For now we prepared 5 episodes each with own design and set and each is different with context.

The show could be played in any stages from classical to site-specific areas.
Constructiveness and maximum adaptations for the present moment allows to play the performance in many spaces. For each case will be constructed the ideal combination of episodes.

The Threshold
Choosing the Womb
Trial. Six Worlds
Carmic Storm
Shells Plot

Technical rider is discussed with company for each specific performance via contact address.


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