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June 15 (almost your birthday!) as part of the VOLKOV ManiFEST VII festival, our Pavel Semchenko will present the film “TERSCHELLING99“, inside which there will be a performance with the participation of the film’s hero – Anton Adasinsky.
Starting at 20: 00
Location: Jaani Kirik (54A Dekabristov str.).


VOLKOV ManiFEST is a festival of projects by double bassist, composer and improviser Vladimir Volkov, which for the seventh year in a row brings together outstanding jazz and neoclassical artists, theater and literary figures. Multi-instrumentalist Vladimir Volkov is rightfully recognized as one of the brightest and most diverse musicians in St. Petersburg. His interests extend to free jazz, art rock, minimalism, baroque, theater, and cinema. Therefore, the projects presented at the festival cover a variety of genres.

The entire program of the Fest:

June 12-JAZZ DAY (starting at 21: 00)
Cool Train Project and P. Ilyushin with the program ” Viewpoint»
Trio of A. Kondakov, V. Volkov, A. Mashina with the program ” Balmont»

June 14-DAY OF FOLKLORE AND BAROQUE (beginning at 20: 00)
I department “Green pisni”
A. Tchaikovsky, S. Starostin, V. Pogosyan, V. Volkov.
II movement “Song of Songs”
Two cantatas: J. K. Bach ” Meine Freundin du bist schon»
Rust Pozyumsky (viola da gamba, project author, composer of Russian cantata), Vadim Weinstein (viola da gamba), Anton Izgagin (viola da gamba), Alexander Gorbunov (viola da braccio), Sergey Poltavsky (viola d’amour), Vladimir Volkov (violon), Alice Ten (voice), Marfa Semenova( voice), Artem Volkov (tenor), Dmitry Maksimenko (bass).

June 15-CONCERT IN THREE MOVEMENTS (beginning at 20: 00)
“Fliegen erlaubt” – M. Fedotova, A.-M. Dangl, V. Bondarenko
The film “TERSCHELLING99” – Pavel Semchenko, Anton Adasinsky, John Cage, Philip Glass, Alfred Schnittke, Moz-Art Pocket Symphony, N. Kozhukhar.