Gloria Transit

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On January 12 and 13 the improvisational cabaret «Gloria Transit» will re-open in our POROKH-space!

«Gloria» 2019 is a visual-plastic entertainer for the upcoming March premiere.
[not] accidentally open the door of the antique-alchemical cuisine of the Engineering Theatre AKHE.
the cult of spontaneity, Rabelaisian motifs, a rigorous selection of short-lived moments for subsequent imprinting into theatrical eternity.

the participants of new «Gloria»:
engineers: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Nick Khamov

and guests: Gala Samoilova, Alexander Koshkidko, Oleg and Aurora Zhukovsky, Anna Budanova, Emmanuel Ovsyannikov, Igor Ustinovich, Vladimir Varnava

start at 20:00