“Gap filling” together with the Polish Kana Theatre!

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On the penultimate weekend of the summer, August 18 and 19, the Engineering Theater AKHE together with the Polish KANA Theater will present a scale project «Gap filling».

In such a composition, performance will be played in St. Petersburg for the first time. The action will take place in six sea containers, located on the background of the urban landscape of the Museum of Street Art.

«Gap» is six spaces in search of the author. Constant movement-overflow-overdancing-shuffling heroes. Journey to the parallel worlds of neighboring rooms, inside of which you can accidentally discover a sea or a love drama. Content of feelings, placed in the container of life.

«Gap filling» is not a universal guide to filling voids; rather, it is a beacon for the personal stories of viewers.

Tickets can be found here: https://radario.ru/hosts/2694