July 9, 2016 at 2pm

Engineering Theatre AKHE presents an outdoor performance «L’ÉCUME DES JOURS» at the cultural venue DOT as a part of IV National Dance & Theatre platform RUSSIAN LOOK 2016.

Direction: Engineering Theatre AKHE
Performers: Maksim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Natalya Shamina, Gala Samoilova, Serzh Karion, Nikolay Khamov, Valeriy Keft, Sergey Azeev
Music: Denis Antonov

At two pm, on the sunniest day, July 9th, when, in the ship channel of Saint-Petersburg port, against the background of a bridge under construction, two white ships melt into one and two liners fly across the sky, the AKHE Theater will begin to foam the afternoon on the beautiful roof of the DOT space. Two absurdly romantic couples and their companions will mix up a dynamic, occasionally hot cocktail from the episodes of Boris Vian's novel «L'Écume des jours» against one-of-a-kind landscape backdrop. Arrive early and let the the breathtaking view completely sweep out what is left of the unnecessary literature knowledge, and your thoughts be taken far away from the down-to-earth «who, what and why» under the influence of refreshing cocktails. Simply enjoy the action, the music, the sea view and the summer!

«Pokryshkin carefully engrafts the сutting from the cherry orchard in the delicate orchid of French bebop, which grows on the wasteland of Russian absurdity. Kharms eradicates the weeds of humdrum from this wasteland, while Stravinsky constructs the funeral march out of the dirt of days. Dziga Vertov records everything with his smart-phone and puts online. Sort of». Maksim Isaev

Tickets: radario.ru
The price per one ticket is 500 rub.

Address: The cultural venue DOT, St-Petersburg, Kozhevennaya line, 30

Tel.: +7 960 242 80 78

On June 3-5, 2016

The VI International Festival of Street Theaters "Elagin Park"

Engineering Theatre AKHE & Kirov Central Recreation and Leisure Park

representation of objects and phenomena in seven scenes

Seven scenes of the performance are stage replica of seven days of creation. The key idea of each episode is getting rid of one of the vices. During the show all symbolic objects, entities or surroundings are preserved in three-liter jars, cataloged and exhibited to the public, becoming the material embodiment of the "human qualities", which got rid of the show heroes.

After the performance the audience can closely examine artifacts improvised kunstkamera and visit "The Park Tantamaresok" with magic St. Petersburg objects in various poses and situations.

Production: Engineering Theatre AXE
Performers: Pavel Semchenko, Maxim Isaev, Natalia Shamina, Ilona Markarova, Gala Samoilova, Igor Ustinovich, Nikolay Khamov, Alexander Koshkidko
Objects and scenography: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Nicholay Khamov, Anna Martynenko
Music: Denis Antonov
Light: Alexander Kurgansky

Location: Kirov Central Recreation and Leisure Park, Elagin Island, 4.
Time: June 3-4th at 15:00 and 19:00, on June 5th at 15:00.
Ticket price: 300 rubles.
Tel. +7 960 242 80 78

On May 2-3, 2016 Engineering Theatre AKHE & Theatre CINEMA (PL) will present a work-in-progress “CARD FILE” on The New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre.

In 1960 the classic of the Polish avant-garde and the finest poet Tadeusz Różewicz has published "Card file". It is an absurdist play about confusion of post-war generation,  impossibility to carry on intelligent family dialogue and about loss of personal identity.

Theatre AKHE & Theatre CINEMA the play seemed to be relevant today. The reason is in its radical form of psychological authenticity, recognition of situations and possibilities of interaction with the text.

Theaters AKHE and CINEMA intend to create a new sequence of semantic text card location where the characters of the play will find hope for understanding, the ability to transform or just a hot coffee.

"Card file" is a visual dramedi. More than words.

Tickets online: http://www.alexandrinsky.ru/repertuar/newafisha/

or by phone: +7 (812) 401-53-41

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