From September 30 to October 18, Engineering Theatre AKHE will present a series of performances "BETWEEN TWO", starting with the premiere "BETWEEN TWO. SHELLS"

The cycle of performances "BETWEEN TWO" is a public reflection of the Tibetan Book of the Dead "Bardo Thodol" on a stage. This performance is a postmortem study of the conditions described in the literary monument of IIX century.

The book "Bardo Thodol" is a sort of guide to the afterlife with a detailed description of the stages (bardo) through which the person's consciousness passes from the moment of death to the moment of the next incarnation. "Bardo" literally translates as "between two" and means some intermediate state in the interval from and to. According to the Buddhist tradition, in addition to several death bardo, there are also life bardo, sleep bardo and meditation bardo. In the performances "Between the Two", the AHE Engineering Theater creates an atmosphere of immersion in yet another completely different, actually invented state of the bardo - the theatrical bardo.

To implement such an ambitious project, it was necessary to create a whole series of performances. To date, there are six separate performances pierced by a single stylistic and scenographic solution.

Through its unique theatrical language, formed in a quarter of a century, the AKHE members build on the stage a different reality, genuine and united, and draw the viewer into it. The authors of "Between the Two" are convinced that the performance-reflection on death should be maximally alive. This manifests itself in the genre diversity of each of the shows. Here they face a new "new drama", installation, performance, dance, singing, mystery, masquerade and other artistic practices.

Performance schedule:

September 30 and October 1 - PREMIER "BETWEEN TWO. SHELLS»

St. Petersburg, shosse Revolutsii, 84, entrance from the Umanskij lane
Beginning at 19:00
Read more: Vkontakte, Facebook
Tel. for reference: +7 960 242-80-78

On May16, 2017 at 7 p.m. Engineering Theatre AKHE will perform a legend show "White cabin" at the IV International non-verbal & physical Mime festival (St-Petersburg, Russia) in ZAZERKALIE Theatre.

Can a spectator influence what is happening on stage simply by his or her presence? Can the action onstage influence the very will of the spectator and the desire for self enrichment? Is it possible to project the action onstage directly into the mind and soul of the spectator?

The female protagonist of this multimedia piece faces all of these questions and many more. Her co-performers provoke her, creating magical situations where the simplest reactions are projected into a metaphorical, decidedly absurd realm.

Production: Engineering Theatre AKHE
Actors: Maksim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Natalia Shamina
Music: Nick Sudnik
Sound: Denis Antonov
Light: Aleskandr Kurganskiy
Video: Maria Tavapova

«White Cabin» was awarded by:
- Critics award for the best performance at the “Unidram” festival (Germany), 1997. 
- Jury award at the “Arena” festival (Germany), 2000. 
- A diploma for the best performance at the festival in Belo-Horizonte, 2002. 
- “Fringe First” and “Total Theatre Award” at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2003. 
- Award at the Perigueux Theatre Festival, France, 2004.

Address: Rubinshteina 13, St-Petersburg, Russia

Also tickets can be bought at the city box-offeces.
Tel. +7 960 242 80 78.

On April 7-9, 2017 Engineering Theatre AKHE will present a premiere of the show "The cabinet of curiosities" at the Elagin Central Recreation and Leisure Park (St-Petersburg, Russia).

The show will be presented in nomination «Experiment» at the 23th Russian Performing Arts Festival & National Theare Awards «Golden Mask» (details: http://www.goldenmask.ru/spect_1461.html)

"The cabinet of curiosities" is a reconstruction of imaginary events in seven pictures.

In the ruined emptiness of the former metalwork manufactory on Elagin Island, Engineering Theatre AKHE reproduces the events described in the ancient book.

It separates the light, collect water, reveal the land. It gathers a bizarre collection of material evidence of these processes.

What kind of collection is this? Is this fragments of the world, not included in the final version of reality, or ricochets of passions? Details of the construction kits "Do it all" or concentrated dreams?

By this performance Akhe refers to the theme of translating the classical myth into the language of theatrical unconditionedness once again. At the heart of this performance is Genesis.

Seven actors, in seven episodes and seven genres, tell their version of the creation of the world. The actors are so convincing in the roles of the demiurge and clay, the alpha and omega, the water and the juice, the flies and the cutlets, that the audience has no choice but to exclaim "It's good!". Or do selfie in the theme park of tantamoresques.

Production: Engineering Theatre AKHE

Actors: Pavel Semchenko, Natalia Shamina, Ilona Markarova, Gala Samoilova, Igor Ustinovich, Nikolai Khamov, Alexander Koshkidko

Objects and set design: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Nikolai Khamov, Anna Martynenko

Music: Denis Antonov

Light: Alexander Kurgansky

The performance was created as a part of the VI International festival of street theaters "Elagin Park" in 2016.

Tickets: April 7 at 17:00: https://radario.ru/events/109309 | April 8 at 16:00:https://radario.ru/events/109893

Tickets for April 9 can only be bought at the ticket office of the Elagin island, the beginning at 16:00.

Tel. +7 960 242 80 78.

On February 7-15, 2017 Engineering Theatre AKHE will present a premiere of the show "BETWEEN TWO" at the Shchusev Museum of Architecture (Moscow, Russia).

The cycle of performances "BETWEEN TWO" is a public reflection of the Tibetan Book of the Dead "Bardo Thodol" on a stage. This performance is a postmortem study of the conditions described in the literary monument of IIX century.

To implement such an ambitious project was required to create a series of performances. So now it is five separate performances, pierced by a single stylistic and stage solution. The performances are designed in such a way that the scenery is physically deformed, crushed and destroyed, move from setting to setting. Among others, each show reveals the problem of interaction with the space as a partner in its own way.

We believe it is important to show the possibility of transformation of the space by means of stage desighn at the exhibition "The world — is a theatre. Architecture and scenography in Russia". Also not only adapt ready scenographic solutions to complex architectural space, but also to achieve greater expressiveness.

The exhibition space will be divided into two parts: theatrical and exhibitional.

In the theatre area viewers can see an ongoing process of working on the show: the installation of the scenery, set installation, rehearsals, performances. In the exhibition area of the scenery, props, costumes, masks and puppets will be created daily changing installation "The Space of Bardo Thodol". Thus, the viewer will be inside the meta-performance "Between two" and has the opportunity to feel an unusual sensory experience.

Performance schedule:

February 7, at 19:00 - "BETWEEN TWO. THE TRIAL. SIX WORLDS "

February 9, at 19:00 - "BETWEEN TWO. KARMIC STORM"

February 11, at 19:00 - "BETWEEN TWO. THE THRESHOLD"

February 13, 19:00 - "BETWEEN TWO. CHOOSING THE WOMB "

February 15, 19:00 - "BETWEEN TWO. SELF-REALIZATION "

The premiere in Moscow will be held with the support of Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.

Ticket price for each performance is 1200 rubles. Until January 24, the ticket price is 900 rubles.

Tickets are available at the box-office of the museum. Tel. for reservation: +7 (495) 697 38 74.

Location: Shchusev Museum of Architecture, Apothecary prikaz (ul. Vozdvizhenka, 5).

Each show starts at 19.00

Additional information: +7 (495) 697 38 74.

On January 12-14, 2017 at 8.00 pm
The Museum of contemporary art ERARTA

St-Petersburg | Russia

Engineering Theatre AKHE and the guests will present a momentary cabaret «GLORIA TRANSIT» (presentation of objects and phenomena with the music, or miniatures, which you will not see ever again!)

During three nights, on the eve of the Old New Year, using AKHE-engineers drawings the group of actors creates a transparent prism of joy on the ERARTA stage. The acute angle of theatrical improvisation breaks the usual boundaries of the genre. The resulting emptiness is filled with short-term narratives by dreamnappers, lights shakers, and launchers of air coyote. They do not remember their steps. They are coming!

Among them:

12.01.17 - "The Dreamnappers" - The Rhapsody of holes


13.01.17 - "The lights shakers" - Urban-carols


14.01.17 — "The launchers of air coyote" — monocomic


Production: Engineering Theatre AKHE and the guests

Actors: Maxim Isaev, Pavel Semchenko, Vladimir Varnava, Valery Keft, Natalia Shamina, Ilona Markarova, Gala Samoylova, Igor Ustinovich, Tanya Luzay, Nikolai Khamov, Alexandr Koshkidko

Music: Denis Antonov, Leon Sukhodolskiy, Natalia Potapenko, Denis Kirillov

Light: Alexander Kurgansky

Sound: Denis Antonov

Tel. +7 960 242 80 78

In November we will show the whole cycle of production "BETWEEN TWO".

The Tibetan Book of the Dead “Bardo Thodol” is the base of "BETWEEN TWO". But the show won't be just an illustration or a paraphrase of the text. We expect it would be detailed and leisured contemplation about beauty of The Life and majesty of The Death. And the show doesn't become а summarizing, but new knowledge about ourselves with mistakes, experiments and paradoxes.

For now, we prepared 5 episodes. Each of them has their own design, set and different context.

On November 8 – 12, 2016 we will perform 4 episodes of "BETWEEN TWO" at the Internationales Theaterfestival UNIDRAM in Potsdam (Germany):

The Trial. Six worlds”, Choosing the Womb”, Carmic Storm”, Self-Realization”

Festival programm & tickets: http://www.unidram.de/

On November 16, 2016 in St-Petersburg (Russia) we will finish the cycle of the performance "BETWEEN TWO" by the fifth episode: “The Threshold”

Tickets: http://skorohod.me/ru/event/1005

Tel +7 960 242 80 78

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