«Faust 3.0» will be back soon!

As we promised, our new «Faust» will return in the autumn.

This time it will be presented in two versions: on September 22 and 23 at 20:00 «Faust 3.0» will open the second season of our residence POROKH, and a week before, on September 15, we will show the street version of the performanceat the festival in Gatchina.

«Faust 3.0» is a very moving performance; it is built so that the legendary doctor could deploy his alchemy laboratory anywhere in the world.

Tickets for the «Faust 3.0» on the place of radical utterance POROKH can be found here: https://radario.ru/hosts/2694

"Gap filling" together with the Polish Kana Theatre!

On the penultimate weekend of the summer, August 18 and 19, the Engineering Theater AKHE together with the Polish KANA Theater will present a scale project «Gap filling».

In such a composition, performance will be played in St. Petersburg for the first time. The action will take place in six sea containers, located on the background of the urban landscape of the Museum of Street Art.

«Gap» is six spaces in search of the author. Constant movement-overflow-overdancing-shuffling heroes. Journey to the parallel worlds of neighboring rooms, inside of which you can accidentally discover a sea or a love drama. Content of feelings, placed in the container of life.

«Gap filling» is not a universal guide to filling voids; rather, it is a beacon for the personal stories of viewers.

Tickets can be found here: https://radario.ru/hosts/2694

Summer in Saint-Petersburg is a summer with AKHE!

Despite the tight touring schedule the Engineering Theater will show several performances in St. Petersburg.

The AKHE-program is:

June 30 at 15:30, within the framework of the annual festival «Day of the House» dedicated to the birthday of the legendary «Pushkinskaya, 10», whose residents is AKHE, the performance «Stair of Creatures» will take place. Engineers will test the strength and fire resistance of the text of Lev Rubinstein. Free admission!

July 13 at 20:00 «Monochrome» will start. The Roof Place roof was chosen as the location (Kozhevennaya line, 30). «Monochrome» is a rainbow of emotions, splashed on the snow of canvas. At the heart of the performance is the mnemonic phrase «Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting». Magical engineers Maxim Isaev and Pavel Semchenko will act simultaneously as artists and pictures.

Tickets: muzbilet and spb.ticketland

August 18 and August 19 at 20:00 on the Museum’s of Street Art territory will be a street performance «Gap filling». Several lyrical episodes told by actors and balancers, sung by boatswains and ballerinas, succumbing to the gloomy charm of their losses. «Gap» has not been played in St. Petersburg for 3 years, and this time it will be unique: the colleagues from the «KANA» polish theater will join the AKHE.
Tickets: https://radario.ru/hosts/2694

May 12 and 13, 2018, Nik Khamov and Engineering Theatre AKHE will show a premiere performance "FAUST 3.0"

Journey of the Dr. Johann Faust soul and body to light and back The challenge of spirits and the materialization of vague desire objects
A sophisticated engineering installation as a poetic text

Tickets for the 12.05.18: radario.ru
Tickets for the 13.05.18: radario.ru
The beginning at 20:00. Address: The place of radical utterance POROKH, St. Petersburg, shosse Revolutsii, 84 (entrance from Umansky lane).
Tel.: +7 960 242-80-78.

April 22, 2018 on the first anniversary of the theatrу venue “POROKH”

Engineering Theater AKHE will show the performance "DICTATURE"
only once in this century
and then disco

Tickets: radario.ru
The beginning at 20:00. Address: The place of radical utterance POROKH, St. Petersburg, shosse Revolutsii, 84 (entrance from Umansky lane).
Tel.: +7 960 242-80-78

Support "POROKH" - connect to streaming!

In support of the crowdfunding campaign for a new theatrical space "POROKH" December 9 at 20:00 (MSC) theater AKHE will broadcast the play "Hero's catalog" online.

The AKHE Engineering Theater is a unique theater of artists from St. Petersburg, successfully performing on the russian and world theater scene for more than 25 years, laureate of the Golden Mask national prize and the Fringe First at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This Saturday, December 9, the AKHE Theater will show the play "Hero's Catalog", which will be available for viewing online.

"Hero's catalog" is a performance-constructor, in which an attempt is made to trace the life of the Hero from his birth to his death, and even further ... While the Hero does not exist at all in the play, but there is a very close examination of objects and situations, with which the hero has already encountered. Or could collide.

"POROKH" is the theater space (named after the historical district of Rzhevka-Porokhovye), operating since April 2017, the residence of the Engineering Theater "AKHE" in St. Petersburg.

The "POROKH" is located in the former workshop at the active factory of laminated plastics. The AKHE Theater sets itself the task of turning POROKH into a full-fledged working tool, manned to realize the most ambitious plans. Not only own, but also projects of collectives, related to AKHE in spirit.

In November launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to equip the originally needed technical equipment for the POROKH for functioning in a full-fledged theatrical mode. In support of this campaign, on December 9 the performance "Hero's catalog" will be broadcast online.

The streaming will be available at this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/akhegroup/live

Support "POROKH": https://planeta.ru/campaigns/akheporokh

More: Vkontakte, Facebook
+7 960 242-80-78

Dear our friends,

last week we have launched crowdfunding campaign on the Russian web-platform planeta.ru

We began to equip our new working place POROKH in St. Petersburg and collect money for the theatrical installation.

As non-government theatre, Akhe group believes that today it is possible to solve complex financial tasks without recourse to the state. Turning thereby into hostages of ideology or a momentary conjuncture.

We value independence, we believe in mutual help of free people and we hope for the support of our initiative. Verticals are unstable, and the horizontals are reliable and endless.

You can also support us! And we are feeding back with our creative energy.

This site has an English version and the donation can be made using a bank card or web.money: https://planeta.ru/campaigns/akheporokh

Together - we are force!

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